David Smith Counselling - Psychotherapy - Clinical Supervision
My professional qualifications, training and developed way of working is in the application of an integrative therapeutic model. This approach offers a flexible strategy to suit the different needs of each person, presenting issues and stages of the work. Within this I work authentically with each client to naturally build a relationship to create trust and therefore a mutual understanding. This integrative model incorporates humanistic, psychodynamic and CBT principles. Humanistic being the foundation of an authentic relationship, psychodynamic to explore unconscious processes and CBT to manage learned behaviours. Sometimes a person may find themselves in difficulty or possibly even finding life distressful. It may relate to current difficulties or may have a deeper source from earlier influences. Whatever the reason, by talking with a therapist in total confidence it is possible to develop a new perspective and then maybe begin to have some clarity. The therapy here is counselling and psychotherapy. Both processes involve talking to someone who is professionally trained in order to provide therapeutic change. As a general guide we may say that counselling will help with specific current life issues and is more likely to be short term work. Psychotherapy is longer term work and deals with deeper aspects, for instance reflection on early life experiences, relationships, patterns of entrenched behaviour. Whatever the therapeutic needs are, we will work together in a professional relationship to understand, interpret and instigate the required change.

The Therapy

“Helping People Help Themselves”
David Smith Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist London and Kent