David Smith Counselling - Psychotherapy - Clinical Supervision
Clinical supervision is the process of working with practising counsellors and psychotherapists in the management of their working practice. Typically this would cover: Reflection on client work, supporting therapists in their clinical practice, working with ethical and professional dilemmas, management of a private practice. Specifically this will entail: Discuss client work, reflect and understand the process Develop strategies to move clients forward Become mutually aware of blind spots in the client work Attention to the self care of the therapist Reflection on the impact of clients issues Acknowledge and encourage the awareness of ethical dilemmas Support therapists in resolutions of these dilemmas Identification of professional development needs Support with the accreditation process Setting up, marketing and managing a private practice I also work within the profession as a member of the BACP CPD Panel, reviewing and providing support in the provision of on-line resources for CPD for BACP Members.


“Helping People Help Themselves”
David Smith Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist London and Kent