David Smith

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

“Helping people help themselves”

Consultative supervision is the process of working with managers and frontline workers in the provision of support to help key workers manage difficult and challenging workloads and situations.

The clients that I work with in this area of my practice are engaged in the health care and social care industries as well as management, senior professionals and front line staff in a range of organisations. Their clients will typically be individuals, families and groups.

This work is primarily to provide emotional and practical consultative supervision from an external source which is independent of internal operational influences.  

The emotional support is in the form of working together to rationalise the personal challenges that individuals often encounter in challenging emotional environments.

The practical support is by reflecting together and identifying what is achievable and what is not. Here there is a link to the life coaching aspect of my practice.

Consultative Supervision

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