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Relationship - 12th April 2020

Reflecting on my practice I have often wondered that when it works for clients, what works and why. Is it the clinical approach? In my practice I work interrogatively so there is the choice of psychodynamic, humanistic or cognitive behavioural strategies. Here it is hard to specifically identify what is working, as a true integrative approach works in a seamless way meeting client needs and presenting issues. Is it the flexibility of the integrative approach that is the key? or it something else?….

Inherited Anxiety - 9th April 2020

An often presented aspect of counselling and psychotherapeutic practice work is anxiety issues. So what actually is anxiety? If it can be understood, maybe it can be overcome…….

Beginning - 2nd April 2020

This is my first blog and the idea is to present to whoever browses my web site to maybe gain insights about myself and my practice. Also that I might in some way be able to provide encouragement and understanding in the process of counselling and psychotherapy. It will definitely not be about client work as that is sacrosanct with regard to confidentiality. There will however be information and ideas about how we may as individuals overcome specific and general issues that might bother all of us.


David Smith
Counsellor and Psychotherapist
“Helping People Help Themselves”
So, how do you live, are you a doing or being person? As a generalisation for the topic here, in the western approach there is the focus on doing, on achieving, on making things happen. Then the eastern philosophy of just being, the concept of mindfulness, just being in the moment and allowing life to occur, encouraging peacefulness. Here in this article I want to reflect on how much of each of these aspects is in our lives and how they might live alongside each other in different degrees for each person. Then for you to decide where you are, where you want to be and how to get there…….

Doing or Being - 8th May 2020

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